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Who We Are

We will lead the next-generation industry in natural resources on a global scale through digital transformation. 


In 2018, Nagaya Technologies Pte Ltd was incorporated officially in Singapore, renowned for its strict regulations. Subsequently, x years later, our regional headquarters was established in South Korea. 


Our humble beginnings do not hinder us from thinking big – the goal of growing the industry and turning our business into shared assets. Through Nagaya, we share the value of natural resources to our holders, while staying committed in promoting the development of related industries. 


Let us transform the future together. 


What We Do

We facilitate financial accessibility to holding a hybrid asset with intrinsic value that can withstand the test of time. Nagaya represents the digital ownership of asset with an ingenious concept that is rooted in the resource development business.


Through the transition to Web 3.0, we view digitalisation not as a trend but an evolution of this century. This propels our commitment to reinvigorate the resource development sector, which is one of the fast-growing industries in the recent years, thanks to the global renewed interest in electric vehicles.


Nickel is one of the notable natural resources of this century, and also one that is essential to the world’s development. However, due to its high entry barriers and capital-intensive nature, we leverage on the advancement of digital technology to tokenise the ownership of Nagaya (NGY) which provides access to the benefits, made available from our business project in nickel mining. 


Our presence is evident in Indonesia and South Korea, both are key players in the EV supply chain, and this contributes to our competitiveness in the industry.  

How is Nagaya Different

How is Nagaya Different?

Nagaya (NGY), with its contemporary concept encompassing the following distinctive characteristics, is created to be unsurpassed.

Growth potential

The global shift toward decarbonisation constitutes a significant source of new demand and sustained growth for the industry in natural resources which our core business lies. 

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With its own gold reserve, you can be assured that each Nagaya (NGY) you hold has inherent value. Just like gold, Nagaya (NGY)’s finite supply also contributes to its value.  


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Higher degree of stability in value means Nagaya (NGY) is more than a digital asset to facilitate trading or as a collateral. It will become the world’s preferred means of payment. 


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Our Milestones

Our Milestones

The inaugural launch of our hybrid digital asset began in 2018. Despite the pandemic, we achieved the sales of 1 million Nagaya (NGY) 2 years later. We saw the commencement of our Project 01 (our first project in nickel mining) the following year and it also marked the first round of benefit-sharing to our holders, derived from Project 01.


Staying true to our vision for the future, we continue to explore more use cases for Nagaya (NGY) so that it can fulfil its purpose as a digital asset that revolutionise the financial landscape. One of our earliest breakthroughs was securing the agreement to be the recognised payment method in an upcoming smart retail mall in Sejong City, the new capital of South Korea. 


In 2024, our collaboration with PAMSO (supported by SBOS-Ployment Functional Union) will further increase market adoption of Nagaya (NGY) through the acceptance as the main digital currency by its members, that are mainly small businesses in South Korea.


Our progress will not stop here, as we are always seeking solutions and enhance utility that will help maximise the potential of Nagaya (NGY) so it can deliver more innovations and value to our community.  

Nagaya Roadmap and Milestones
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