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Our Project 

Nickel Mining

We have a dedicated team with more than a decade of field experience, specialising in resource development that includes exploration, mining and transporting mineral ores.


The year 2021 marked the commencement of our very first business project that has since been operating at a site located in Southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia, home to the world’s largest nickel reserve. Estimated nickel ore deposit of 9 million tonnes found at this site is evaluated to have a market value of USD 216 million. 


Every month, each Nagaya (NGY) is entitled to receiving staking reward* which is based off a certain percentage of profits generated from our project. Another portion of the operating profits is used to acquire LBMA-approved gold bullion that is added to Nagaya Gold Reserve.


* These staking rewards will be distributed to the holder based on the amount of Nagaya (NGY) held in the Nagaya Staking Wallet for a certain period of time.


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