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Our Gold Reserve 

Nagaya Gold Reserve

To realise its potential as a long-term asset, we acquired gold bullion with a certain allotment of the profits generated from our business projects (currently it is Project 01) to establish Nagaya Gold Reserve.  

Secure Gold VaulT

This gold is kept secure in an independent ISO 9001-certified vault facility known as The Reserve (formerly known as The Safe House) that comes equipped with Class II vault door.

Genuinity Guarantee & Fully Insured

All gold in Nagaya Gold Reserve is LBMA-approved, ensuring authenticity. 


Additionally, this gold is under 100% insured against theft, fire, building collapse, terrorism and sabotage, infidelity of employees, and also mysterious disappearances.

Accountability & Transparency

We know being transparent in our operations is the key to fostering trust. Hence, reports on our gold purchase and gold inventory are available to our holders whenever they log in to their Nagaya Staking Wallet.  


In the fullness of time, regular audits will be conducted on both quarterly and annually by independent auditors.

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