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Winning the Prestigious Jang Young-sil International Science and Culture Award.

Jang Young-sil Trophy

It was a proud moment for the NAGAYA team at the 25th Jang Young-sil International Science and Culture Awards ceremony that took place in Korea Press Centre in April this year. The business concept of NAGAYA (NGY) has been awarded the grand prize under the category of Nickel Industry (IT Digital Asset) by the Jang Young-sil Memorial Association of Korea.

Created in 1999 to commemorate the innovative spirit of one of the greatest scientists in Korean history, the awards have been presented annually to give due recognition to individuals who have made significant contributions in the development of science and technology.

Jang Young-sil Medal

Mr. Yorath Yohannes Tjandra, CEO and founder of Nagaya Technologies Pte Ltd, has developed and operated the world's first hybrid digital asset by turning Indonesia's nickel resource development business into a shared asset.

Nickel, a key material resource for future industries, also known as the new gold, is ubiquitous only in certain countries. Hence, possession of this valuable resource is equated to having the competitive edge over others. Therefore, it can be evaluated as a corporate model that promotes the development and supply of nickel as a shared asset and leading the next generation of international finance.

With NAGAYA (NGY) as the tool, it will promote the development of a platform that can conduct on/offline real transactions by guaranteeing the actual asset value of the virtual transactions such as in the metaverse.


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