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  • How can I set up an account?
    Click to register. Please ensure the following when completing the online form: Your full name as per your identification document which you have to upload for the KYC. Valid mobile phone number to receive the One-Time Pin (OTP) to complete the registration process Valid email address to receive unique codes to validate your transactions made via Nagaya Staking Wallet. Click here to watch “How to REGISTER an Account in Nagaya Staking Wallet” video. Turn on CC to see the captions in Bahasa Indonesia, Korean or Mandarin.
  • I cannot log in to my account with my mobile phone number and password
    Please proceed to the Sign In page and ensure that you have entered your mobile phone number with a ‘+’ and remove any spacing and ‘-‘ in between numbers. The correct format should be <+601081888888>. Click here to watch “How to SIGN IN to your Nagaya Staking Wallet” video. Turn on CC to see the captions in Bahasa Indonesia, Korean or Mandarin.
  • I want to change my mobile phone number. How could I do it?
    For change of mobile phone number, please send your request to our email and we will inform you once it is updated.
  • I have forgotten my password; how do I reset it?
    If you need help resetting your password, we can assist by sending you a link to reset it. Proceed to the Sign In page , scroll down and click on “FORGOT PASSWORD”. Enter your registered email address. Click on “SEND RESET LINK”. Check your inbox or spam column for a password reset email. Click on the link provided in the email and enter a new password CONFIRM the new password. Click RESET PASSWORD to confirm the process. Click here to watch “How to Change and Reset PASSWORD” video. Turn on CC to see the captions in Bahasa Indonesia, Korean or Mandarin.
  • What is Nagaya (NGY) ?
    Nagaya is the World's First Hybrid Digital Asset that is backed by gold and subsidiary projects. To know more about Nagaya you can read our whitepaper by accessing the "Resource" column on the bottom of this Website or you can always contact us at
  • What is KYC and how do I complete it?
    KYC is a standard procedure that is implemented in all virtual asset providers to help verify the identity of the users that are onboard the network and help protect the network from money laundering, theft, or hacking schemes. You can complete the KYC application through your Nagaya Staking Wallet. Sign In to your Nagaya Staking Wallet. Click the top left icon to find the “Account Profile” tab in the Nagaya Staking Wallet menu. Fill out your personal details required on the page and click the "Update” button once done. Proceed by clicking the “KYC Application” tab in the Nagaya Staking Wallet menu. (Note: Please ensure that your details registered in your Nagaya Account are the same as the ones stated in the documents you use for the KYC Application.) Start uploading the files needed to complete the process which includes 3 different steps of verification: Step 1. Identity Verification - Upload an identity card that reflects the same Full Name, IC Type, and IC Number as the details on your “Account Profile” page. This document can be in the form of a National Identity Card, Driving License, or Passport. Step 2. Address Verification - Upload a document that reflects the same Full Name and Address as the details on your “Account Profile” page and your Identity Card in Step 1. This document can be in the form of a Letter, Invoice, Utility Bill, Phone Bill, or Bank Statement. Step 3. Selfie Verification - Take a selfie of yourself holding your Identity Card mentioned in Step 1 and a piece of paper with your name, date of birth, and signature written by hand. Once all the files are uploaded, the verification process will take approximately 24 hours. You can check regularly whether your files are approved or rejected. Click here to watch the “How to do KYC Application and Account Profile update” video.
  • Why does my KYC document keep getting rejected?
    There are a few reasons why your document is rejected: The details provided in your “Account Profile” page do not match the details stated on the document that you have uploaded. For example, full name, IC type, IC number, and address. The file you uploaded is pixelated or the details are illegible. The file size of the image uploaded is too big (>2MB). The file you uploaded is not in JPEG or PNG format. In case you are unsure of what the issue is with the file that you have uploaded, you can always contact us via email and we will assist you with the KYC process.
  • What should I do if I uploaded the wrong image in the KYC process?
    If you have uploaded the wrong image, our admins will reject the file you uploaded and you can always retry the process by uploading the correct image file.
  • How do I complete my KYC if I don’t have an ID yet?
    This is a common question for parents who want to sign up for a Nagaya account for their children, you can register the name for such an account with the following format: “[Name of child][spacing]QQ[spacing][Name of Parent]”. You can then complete the KYC procedure using the parent’s ID.
  • How do I purchase Nagaya?
    Currently, Nagaya is available for order via LAToken (
  • What is the purpose of voucher?
    You can transfer USD from your USD Balance seamlessly to other NGY holders via the voucher without any fees.
  • How do I create a voucher?
    You can click/tap on “Create Voucher” from the main menu on the Nagaya Staking Wallet. Next, obtain the verification code via email by clicking/tapping on the link “Click Here to Get The Verification Code”. After that, enter the verification code, value of voucher and receiver’s username, and click on “CREATE VOUCHER” to complete the process. Click here to watch “How to Create and Redeem VOUCHER” video.
  • What is the validity of the voucher(s)?
    There is no expiration to the validity of the vouchers. However, the sender will have the rights to void the vouchers.
  • Can I void the voucher which I have created for someone?
    Yes, only if the voucher is still not redeemed by the recipient. To do so, you can go to ‘Voucher List’ from the main menu and search for the voucher with its voucher number or voucher code. Then, click on the ‘cross’ button to proceed. After which, there will be a pop-up window indicating that the cancellation is successful.
  • How can I redeem the voucher that someone sends me?
    To redeem the voucher, the sender has to provide you with the voucher number and voucher unique code. With these, click/tap on “Redeem Voucher” and the amount will be deposited in your USD Balance almost instantaneously. Click here to watch “How to Create and Redeem VOUCHER” video.


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