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Our focus is to redefine digital assets through 
legality and transparency, in conjunction with our four principles.


> Transparency

We strive to make all things transparent in Nagaya (NGY). This means emphasizing transparency in the management of our every subsidiary company or business project.


Profit and Loss reports of each project will be audited yearly by independent auditors and uploaded regularly onto our official website.


Reports will be published online, available and accessible for the public to view on this website, once the project has commenced and is in operations.


November 2019: Visit to The Safe House Singapore for the deposit of gold by Mr Yorath Yohannes Tjandra, Prof Jung Heechul, and Nagaya's representatives


> Legality

NAGAYA TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD is a limited liability company registered in the Republic of Singapore  (Registration Number: 201819783N). Nagaya is also currently a member of ACCESS (Association of Crypto Currency Enterprises and Start-ups Singapore) and SFA (Singapore Fintech Association).


As we understand that legalities is the building blocks to establishing trust in this decentralized community, our aim is to provide a proper framework of legalities for our ever-growing community and facilitate proper information pertaining to our legalities to ensure that our coin holders stay well-informed.


Our dedication to legality is ever present not only on this official website but also in our whitepaper so as to establish and upkeep mutual trust and value between our holders and us.

Gold Reserve
Gold Reserve

The value of all Nagaya (NGY) sold and distributed are backed with 999.9 gold cast bars from LBMA-approved refiners. This means that each Nagaya (NGY) represents the ownership of the physical gold stored in Nagaya Gold Reserve.

Secure Gold Vault

Nagaya (NGY) Gold Reserves is kept secured in The Safe House SG, an independent ISO 9001 certified vault facility in Singapore.

Proven Authenticity & Fully Insured

All gold held in the Nagaya Gold Reserve is LBMA-approved, ensuring its authenticity.

As assurance to all Nagaya (NGY) holders, the gold is 100% insured, not only from fire, building collapse, theft as well as terrorism sabotage, but also includes the coverage against fidelity and mysterious disappearance.

Regular Independent Audits

Nagaya Gold Reserves is being audited regularly on quarterly and annually basis by independent auditors.


Quarterly audits will be performed on statistically significant random samples of deposit boxes. A more comprehensive audit will be performed at the end of each year.


All inventory and audit reports will be published online, and made accessible for public to view on our official website. These reports will be updated whenever gold is added to Nagaya Gold Reserve.


One third of Nagaya (NGY) PCO Funds will be allocated to fund some prospective projects.

Nagaya Technologies Pte Ltd will receive monthly net profits  from each of these projects and a portion of this contributes to the fund for purchasing 999.9 gold, which will be stored in the Nagaya Gold Reserve.



As one of the subsidiary companies of Nagaya Technologies Pte Ltd  this mining site, which is situated at Southeast of Sulawesi, will run a monthly production of 50,000 tonnes of nickel ore.

The total nickel ore deposits in the area are evaluated to be around 9,000,000 tonnes with market value of around

US$ 216,000,000.


Commencement of this nickel mining production will require funds of approximately US$ 2,000,000.


You would have noticed that our Fundamentals are on building trust and value through legality and transparency. 


If we are just creating yet another digital asset, we wouldn't be doing what we are doing. We aim to go above and beyond.


Our commitment to you is that we seek to create a digital asset that can be trusted by its users and holders worldwide!


We want you to feel comfortable and proud, holding an asset that isn't just another digital number, it has real value, actual usability, and transparency, something which you could pass on to your children and grandchildren in the future

Ways to Engage

Do join our big family of holders worldwide on these channels.

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HODL as Digital Asset

Looking to add diversity to your asset portfolio?
Then keep your Nagaya (NGY) as digital asset that you can claim the back-up gold anytime.

Trade in Marketplace

Nagaya (NGY) will be available for trading in both internal and external marketplaces.
Trade or exchange your Nagaya (NGY) with other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

Peer-to-Peer Loan

Nagaya (NGY) is backed by gold which is securely stored and regularly audited.
Holders of Nagaya (NGY) can use it as a collateral to get up to 50% of its backed-up value in cash.

Method of Payment

With its value being more stable with a tendency to increase with time, this makes Nagaya (NGY) more reliable to be accepted as a method of payment globally.

Peer-to-Peer Transfer

By using Nagaya-QT Wallet, you will be able to transfer peer-to-peer and create secured and anonymous transactions worldwide.

More to Come

We are constantly looking to innovate and improve the utility of Nagaya (NGY) in the future!

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