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Celebrating Excellence: Our CEO Receives Prestigious Korea National Brand Awards

We're thrilled to announce that Mr. Yohanes Tjandra, CEO and founder of Nagaya Technologies has been honoured with not just one but two prestigious Korea National Brand Awards - under the category of Best CEO as well as the category of overseas resource development, specifically for the development and application of the innovational ‘Nagaya Method’ – a next-generation business model for the nickel mining and processing industry which will play a notable role in establishing stronger industrial ties between Indonesia and South Korea. He is also the first non-Korean to be receiving this award which serves to acknowledge outstanding management in transforming a resource development business to stay ahead of time.

This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to modernising the resource industry by unleashing the maximum potential of digitalisation and blockchain technology. ‘Nagaya Method’ is expected to contribute significantly to securing nickel resources, enhancing competitiveness, and shaping the supply chain for the secondary battery, one of Korea's flagship industries.

Mr Yohanes spoke in an interview right after the awards ceremony which was held on 15 December 2023 in Seoul that he “hopes that the interest shown by the Republic of Korea and the efforts of the company will lead to good relations and bring beneficial results between the two countries”.

We remain committed to ensuring that Nagaya and its related entities will make a meaningful impact in not just the commercial aspect but also in the global community. This award reinforces our belief in our mission and encourages us to continue pushing boundaries. About Korea National Brand Awards

Korea National Awards is designed to bestow public recognition to organisations and individuals behind brands with exemplary customer-centric management and to encourage the hard work of the winning brands.

Evaluations are not based on short-term performance, rather criteria such as the level and quality of brand management are taken into consideration.

At its inaugural awards ceremony held in 2022, 142 Korean companies and individuals from 11 fields, such as legislation and public education, were present to receive the awards.

Hosted by The Kukmin Ilbo, the awards committee plans to continuously discover and introduce potential brands by holding an awards ceremony twice a year.

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