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New Utility Feature on Nagaya Wallet App

It is the start of 2023 and we have decided to add a new feature as well as a more vibrant touch to the interface of our mobile app.

In tandem with our continual pursuit in maximising the utility of Nagaya (NGY), we are proud to introduce you the latest feature on our Nagaya Wallet mobile app#.

This new module, known as ‘Utilities’ can be found on the main page after your login to our mobile app. Within this module, you will be able to find the logo icons of our official partners that are currently extending promotions and offers to our NGY holders.

To unlock and enjoy the privileges extended by our official partners as displayed in the module, you would need to satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Made a purchase of at least 10 NGY* within a single transaction

  2. Have a minimum of 10 NGY in your Nagaya Wallet.

  3. Have completed your KYC verification successfully

Be sure to update the version of the Nagaya Wallet mobile app from Google Play Store now to enjoy the exclusive privileges.

# At present, Nagaya Wallet mobile app is only available for download from Google Play Store.

*Only direct purchases made through Nagaya Technologies Pte Ltd would qualify for the activation of the ‘Utilities’ module, peer-to-peer NGY transfer would not be eligible.

To find out how to purchase NGY, please click here.


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