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NAGAYA’s Third Award from South Korea

Mr. Yohannes Tjandra, CEO and founder of Nagaya Technologies.

The contemporary concept of Nagaya (NGY) has earned us another prestigious accolade – Korea Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Awards in the category of IT innovation.

On 27 October 2022, Mr. Yohannes Tjandra, CEO and founder of Nagaya Technologies attended its 14th award ceremony was held at Korea Press Center to receive this award personally.

Created in 2009, The Korea Herald and Herald Economy, both leading news publishers under Herald Corporation, the media company in South Korea, have jointly organised the event alongside with government ministries over the years, with the common aim to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as new start-ups.

Established to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises (mainly companies engaging in the fields of technology and biotechnology), the award committee and Korean government ministries are confident of the pivotal role of SMEs that play in boosting next-generation growth especially in areas such as industrial, economy and technologies, thus aid in the advancement of South Korea.

The recipients of Korean Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Award 2022.

50 finalists from 422 nominated companies are selected to receive the awards this year for their innovative efforts in creating new products and improving their operations and management processes.

Nagaya Technologies, as a new start-up, is humbled to gain the recognition for its digitalisation of profit-sharing system (currently from its nickel mining project), which started as its primary initiative to provide all a fair opportunity to long-term viable investment.


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