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NAGAYA Exiting from Instagram.

In accordance to maximise the online channels to reach the relevant audience, we have explored our options and reassessed our digital marketing strategy.

After much contemplation, we have made the difficult decision to remove our presence from the social media platform, Instagram, where we already had a considerable number of followers.

To our followers of our official account on Instagram, we are sorry for this decision and would like to thank you for your great support. Moving forward, we will be placing more focus to content creation on our other social media platforms, especially on YouTube where you can expect more regular uploads of new curated videos by our media team.

Lastly, we would like to reiterate the list of our official social media channels and do follow or subscribe if you have yet to do so.

NOTE: Always get updates and news from our official digital channels, beware of sites/channels that are using the name of NAGAYA, that are not listed above.


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