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Introducing Nagaya Media – Our Digital News Platform

In this digital age where information can be easily retrieved and circulated, we feel it is optimal to have our own online channel to share news and updates from official sources that are relevant and useful to our holders.

On 6 March 2023, the Nagaya team had an official opening ceremony at our office in Gangnam for Nagaya Media, Seoul. Nagaya Media has been officially registered in South Korea as an online news agency and has its focus on providing information and news stories in industries such as nickel mining and electric vehicles (EVs). Moving forward, you can also find updates from Nagaya Technologies and its affiliated companies in one of the modules, ‘News from Nagaya’.

Mr. Jung Heechul (left) and Mr. Mr. Kim Kyung Nam (right) at the opening of Nagaya Media.

The brain behind this remarkable initiative is Mr. Kim Kyung Nam, who is our #proudNGYHodler. During the numerous extensive discussions with our Chief Business Development Officer, Mr. Jung Heechul, Mr. Kim thought that it would be beneficial to share some industry and financial news with the rest of the NGY holders in Korea via a common platform that is easily accessible.

At Nagaya Technologies, we think that the addition of this digital platform will aid in the dissemination of information in a timely fashion. And we will definitely see synergy through its integration with our existing communications channels.

Currently this Korean online news site, known as Nagaya Media, can be accessed via and auto-translation is available for English, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin and Japanese.


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