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Network Migration of NAGAYA (NGY)

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

In preparation to entering the digital exchanges, we have been and will be introducing new features as well as changes, operationally and technically, as part of our plan to enhance the Interoperability.

At this point, we wish to inform that migration of NAGAYA (NGY) from its native mainnet to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will commence from 16 December 2023.

To embark on this migration exercise, we will be conducting a system-wide maintenance between 13 December 2023, 1AM (SGT) and 15 December 2023, 11PM (SGT). During this period, Nagaya Staking Wallet (both Web version and mobile application) will not be accessible.

Kindly be advised to perform any urgent transactions prior to this maintenance. Please be assured that our team will complete this migration process within the time frame as scheduled.

Moving forward, for the purpose of differentiation, NAGAYA (NGY) running on Binance Smart Chain will now be referred to as ‘NGY (BEP20) tokens’.

What advantages are there resulting from this migration?

This is the initial step to promoting mass adoption of NGY.

Being a powerful blockchain platform that is most widely used, Binance Smart Chain has always been the popular choice for developers in view of its high performance and seamless integration to Binance Ecosystem. Thus this will allow NGY tokens to be adopted easily by centralised and decentralised digital exchanges, which in turn, will reduce the turnaround time for them to effect the listing. Additionally, NGY on BSC also enables swapping of our tokens with others in the market.

In the meanwhile, our mainnet will continue to run. Blockchain data (also known as transactional history) from NGY mainnet is still accessible and can be viewed from our Nagaya block explorer here.

Who should convert his/her existing native NGY coins to NGY (BEP20) tokens?

Holders who wish to perform any transfer of NAGAYA (NGY), must proceed to convert their existing native NGY coins in their NGY Staking Wallet to NGY (BEP20) tokens. (Please refer to the step-by-step guide here.)

We also wish to bring to your attention that receiving of NGY (BEP20) tokens in your Nagaya Staking Wallet will not incur any fee. However, fees may apply for transfer of NGY (BEP20) tokens to external wallet(s). Kindly refer to the table below for more information.




Nagaya Staking Wallet

Nagaya Staking Wallet

Not Applicable

Nagaya Staking Wallet

External Wallet


*Fees will apply depending on the terms and conditions of the external wallets.

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