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Gold Purchase and Deposit after Two Years.

Since the last gold deposit in November 2019, there had been a long lapse due to the unfavourable circumstances resulted from the pandemic. Because of this, we had been receiving queries from our holders on when the next gold purchase and deposit would take place.

Hence, when travel became possible, our CEO, Mr. Yohannes Tjandra, made a trip to Singapore, where he was joined with COO, Mrs. Yuli Yolanda and CCO, Ms. Koh Huihui, as witnesses for the long-awaited event which had been documented. A YouTube Shorts was created to showcase the summary of that occasion.

On 18 April 2022, 6kg of LMBA-graded gold was purchased and this was followed by the deposit at The Reserve, which was previously known as The Safe House Singapore. With this addition of gold, there is a total of 7,531.1 grams of gold in the Nagaya Gold Reserve.

Details and photos of the gold purchase and deposit can be founded under ‘Transparency Datas’ in the dashboard menu after your login.


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