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First Fulfilment Shipment of Nickel Mining Project

Nagaya CEO was supervising the barging process.

Since embarking our nickel extraction operations, which is also known as ‘Project 01’, in January 2021, the production yield has exhibited a steady increase over time despite being faced with the challenges arising from the pandemic, and not forgetting the occasional thunderstorms.

On 21 December 2022, our dedicated team from Nagaya Mineral Indonesia fulfilled the very first full shipment of nickel ore from our mining site at Pomalaa, Southeast Sulawesi Province. The barging of this shipment of nickel ore, weighing more than 7,500 metric tons, from the stockpiles which began in the evening, was completed within 72 hours.

Regular morning meeting to discuss daily operation.

With the manpower of 30 crew members at one of our mining spots, the process took around 6 months to prepare the pit or mining area, starting from doing test borings to get core sample, making of mining plan, land clearing, stripping and relocating overburden and limonite to reach the saprolite layer. Additionally, another 10-12 days were needed to extract the ore to accumulate the stockpiles to meet this shipment’s requirement.

As global market for nickel grows, many view mining as a highly lucrative business. However, we should not overlook that it is also an industry that requires intensive labour, time and machinery and in which weather plays a major role in determining the efficiency of the operations.

Regular video updates of ‘Project 01’ on this mining site have been shared via our official YouTube channel.

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