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Due to the unexpected outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in the last 3 years, almost all individuals and organisations had been hit hard by its adverse impacts, and Nagaya Technologies is no exception.

During this arduous period, the global imposition of social distancing as well as travel restrictions had unfortunately not only caused a significant slowdown in the progress of most of our operations but also posed major disruptions to our prior plans and commitments. After careful deliberation, the management of Nagaya Technologies Pte Ltd has reached a consensus to review and adapt the previously laid-out plans to align with the current circumstances. As part of this process, certain constitutional changes will be introduced to enhance the effectiveness of our strategies and recalibrate our focus on bringing up the company’s fundamentals. Additional information will be communicated officially through our website and various digital channels in the near future.

As the first measure, our soft cap or Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be adjusted to 10 million NGY with immediate effect. Furthermore, the ICO stage will subsequently end once the adjusted soft cap number is reached or by 30 November 2023, whichever is earlier. Once the ICO stage end, we will commence the process of our listing application to a digital exchange. This information will be reflected in the latest version of our white paper and availability will be made known in due course.

Despite the hurdles and challenges that may come, we would like to reiterate we will always uphold our organisational value in building trust and value through transparency and legality.

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